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These DVD's were compiled from Show Masters that Mugsy edited and Raw Tapes.
They contain commercials that originally aired when the 11th Hour was on the air.
The raw footage is unedited and uncensored.

These DVD's are approximately 2 Hours in Length

11th Hour DVD's
all DVD's are $20.00 each and include shipping
11th Hour Vol. 1 David Burd Intro, Tales of Ancient Times – Mugsy as Zeus, Adventures of Astromen – Mugsy sci-fi puppet bit, Lush Weekend – Movie parody. One of our favs, All Men are Pigs – The first installment of this classic 11th hr. bit, Flies – Silent movie with the whole cast. Pinheadio – Charlie Stoddard narrates this Classic Childish Fairy Tale Theatre bit, Nixon – Mugsy portrays Nixon with the rest of the cast as various characters within the Nixon administration.

11th Hour Vol. 2 Halloween Special Hosted By Count Chocula, Night of the Living Dred – We spoof night of the living dead, Quisnetto – Netto is Quisnetto,
Tobor – Another classic Mugsy movie parody, Return of Zorro – Movie parody with the cast voicing the characters, Show status report with Patty Cascino, Bob Hope Roast – We roast Bob Hope
(Michael T. Wright)

11th Hour Vol. 3 Grammie Awards – This is a send up of the Grammy Awards, Malady Theatre “Yellow Peril” – Mugsy and Michael intro another one of Mugsy’s Movie parody’s.  On the backend of the movie Patty, Lori, Netto, and John Miksza. Can you guess who Mugsy has playing in the background of the movie. He’s the father of Country Music, Mugsy opens the show, Plenty Plenty- Vladimira Dv interviews Dr. Titslinger Mojo Hand performs “Turn on Your Lovelight” , DMV rap – Mugsy talks about the DMV, Soapy Suds – Skip Rooney is featured in this bit, Greatly Depressed – Mugsy, Netto and Charlie Stoddard perform
From Mugsy’s Uncle Floyd Show Archives.

11th Hour Vol. 4 He Man Woman Haters Club -  Well..do I need to explain?,Those who cheated death – John Miksza interviews various people who cheated death, Featured Michael T. Wright, Karon, Adrienne Povey, and Netto
Divine – O - Cist –  A movie parody like only Mugsy can come up with.
John & Netto perform “Friggin Mouth”, Marriage Counselor –  Michael plays a Marriage Counselor, features Mark & Lori,  Patty & Howdy, and Netto, Mugsy reads letters from the fans, Rik Turner – Mugsy opens this show with Rik Turner, Rik had a talk show on Satellite and Cable. Here we play off Rik as a Psychic with Live Phone calls. How this came about was Rik and his Producer Paul Bruker stopped by the studio to say hello and we decided to fire up the cameras and put Rik and Mugsy on the air live, Bad Babes Behind Bars – This bit is set in a women’s prison where the guards abuse the inmates, I Love Loosely – Mugsy’s unique take off of “I Love Lucy”. This one features Daisy and Michael, Mugsy, John and Netto perform “Friend of The Devil”, Steal-a-Meal – An unusual way to loose weight. The whole cast is featured here.

11th Hour Vol. 5

Mugsy takes a trip to New York, Billy Hector & The Fairlanes perform.
(Live footage from their performance at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ), Chat with cast – This was a special show were Mugsy talks with the cast, Brian Bellew and The Lodi Homeboys perform, Hansel & Gretle – Mugsy’s take on the Hansel & Grettle story, Born Free Fashions – A fashion show, Paula Jones starts off this section, Ladies Room – We find out what really goes in in the Ladies Room., John & Netto perform.

11th Hour Vol. 6

OJ News Channel – A Report on OJ, Ho’s Animal Hospital – This bit featured Patty Cascino and Netto as a Chinese couple, Mr. & Mrs. Ho. They were recurring characters that always fought with each, Letters - Here the cast reads some of the fan mail, Karon, John & Netto perform – I always liked when the cast would perform. Here they perform “Stormy Monday”, Naughty Milton Performs – We always tried to feature as many bands as we could. Here Naughty Milton (Bobby Eulo) performs “Oughta Not Do That”, Adolf Doodie – One of Mugsy’s favorite puppets was Howdy Doody. He often appeared as Howdy Doodie Howser Puppet Doctor, Copernicus Doodie, and Adolf Doodie, A Pak of Nips Now – Movie Parody of Apocalypse Now, Plenty Plenty – A take off of Barbara Walters with Vladimira Dv and Netto as Professor Jefferies, Hermits Hotel – This bite had Michael T. Wright playing a Hermit and Mugsy playing  Frankenstein, Out Takes – Mugsy loved to roll tape when nobody new they were on, These out takes are from Vito & Guido, All Men Are Pigs, Howdy & Kids, and a Show Close.


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